Good for patients. Safe for the environment.

TidySample™ a urine specimen-cup holder for women.

We get it

Providing a urine specimen is an awkward, messy process for women.

TidySample™ is the NEW biodegradable, compostable urine specimen-cup holder created for women by women to produce high-quality clean-catch samples while reducing patient stress and the need for costly re-testing. 

Perfect for women and girls of all ages, expectant mothers, obese patients, arthritic patients, pediatric patients and Nurses helping others with urine samples. 


Why we stand out

Reduce plastic waste


On average 3,200 tons of plastic waste are generated by medical facilities every day! 

Be part of the solution! GO biodegradable and compostable with TidySample™. 

AND TidySample costs less than plastic!



A urine sample is now cleaner, easier, less-stressful, and more patient and environment friendly using TidySample™ biodegradable and organically-compostable urine specimen-cup holders

Designed for Women


Facilitates a clean-catch urine sample by providing a handle for a female patient to hold  and maneuver the specimen-cup rather than using only her hand

TidySample™ is cheaper than plastic!





“I am pleased to tell you that indeed your (TidySample™) sample holder passed our product testing … I think our patients will fall in love with them!” 

Matthew Jones 

Phlebotomy and Central Processing Team Lead

The Mayo Clinic

Scottsdale, AZ

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Natasha Anandaraja, a former Pediatric Attending at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education, and faculty of the Mount Sinai Masters in Public Health Program sees "immediate use for TidySample biodegradable, compostable urine specimen-cup holders for Pediatric Out-Patient Care, from ages 5-23" and has given her recommendation to TidySample™ as of September 2016.

Premier, Inc.

Breakthrough Technology Contract Award  2016

NY Presbyterian

"As a physician caring for women I always feel great sympathy for my patients who have to hear me say:  “The lab couldn’t get a pure culture on your sample; there were mixed organisms.”  I certainly note the strained expression on a person’s face when they are told they must produce a clean catch sample; many people don’t expect to be able to do it or have every intention of doing it and fail. The TidySample™ urine specimen cup holder eliminates these difficult experiences as it is “ergonomic,” easy to use and portable.  My patients who have issues with coordination, strength, hand deformities and girth all benefit from its ease of use and guarantee of accuracy.  I highly recommend this product to assist in this valuable diagnostic task."

Cynthia Ligenza, MD

NY Presbyterian

Medical Practice

Cold Spring, New York

Good for patients. Safe for the environment.